keskiviikko 11. huhtikuuta 2012

Keijo knows best

Long time since the last time I did any writing here but I'm not going to try to cater any excuses.. I've been wondering what do I wish to share on my blog.. So far I've mostly shared some of my own poems and although I still see myself as a "poet" I'll make my blog more "bloggish" from this day on.. I've struggled alot with questions such as 'How intimate could I get?' and 'What if the people I actually know would see this?' But I've decided to write about the everyday and what that means in the context of my life as a student.
About the intimacy.. Well, I guess Keijo and my parents know best or my parents second-best. But probably my poems reveal and conceal in a good-enough ratio in the future as well.. I've read some of my real-life friends' blogs every now and then and I always find myself amazed how amazing they can be while I'm wondering if I would want them to find my blog.. I still don't get why I'm so reserved.. :S

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